Rick Rohn Disc Jockey Productions Is Online!

Welcome to the new home of Rick Rohn Disc Jockey Productions! I’ve gone years — actually decades — without a functional website, but that’s changing this first day of 2018! New Year’s Resolution #1!

I’ve created this myself using a simple WordPress theme. I realize it’s visually unimaginative, far from polished, and quite the loooooong read.  The visuals and readability will improve by leaps n’ bounds in the near-term. In conjunction with Pro Design, LLC of Martinsburg, WV, I’m working on a major upgrade to debut later this month, so stay tuned!

The website, however, will always have my personal touch and be written in the first-person. While the long paragraphs will be trimmed, probably significantly, my site will always be heavy on content due to my writing style, and besides… this site — unlike most DJ websites — is meant more to inform than “sell”. If you’re truly interested in my services and detailed in your decision-making, you’ll take whatever extra time is needed to digest everything here. If not, you’ll most certainly look elsewhere, and that’s OK too 🙂

So feel free to provide constructive feedback, let me know what you like / what you don’t like, and don’t be a stranger. Check-in often and stay in-touch because I’m happy to have you here and hope you find my presentation to be informative and helpful.