Welcome to Rick Rohn Disc Jockey Productions!

You're looking at my temporary home page. Yes, I'm still VERY much in business. Busier than ever actually :-)

I have an "internet" problem though... actually more of a "web page design" problem than anything. I'm a hard-head and insist on doing my own site... even though I only know enough web design to be dangerous to myself and others! Yes, I should turn over my site to a professional. No, it won't happen because I simply can't bring myself to do it!

I'm working on a totally revamped and up-to-date site which is about 75% complete... slowly getting there. Trouble is that between the volume of business at my shop and DJ'ing, I have little time to work on that last 25%. In the meantime, folks (like you :-) come to my site and see very outdated information.

So... while I work to complete my main site, I've created a Facebook "fan" site with current information (including CURRENT rates & policies). I'm still working on the Facebook site too, but at least everything is up-to-date...

Rick Rohn Disc Jockey Productions on Facebook

You do NOT need to be on Facebook to view the information, although I'd love to have you as a "fan". Also, feel free to send me a "friend request" at my personal Facebook page.

Short of checking me out on Facebook, feel free to contact by phone or e-mail for complete information including rates and availablity.



Home Office (304)579-8745


(Page created/updated May 27, 2011)